Collision Repair

Full-Service Collision Repair

Were you involved in an automobile accident? Wilmette Auto Body offers a full-service collision repair center. At Wilmette Auto Body, we are equipped to handle all your collision repair needs. We have the technology, tools and expertise to repair most makes and models and we deliver outstanding results every time.
Wilmette Auto Body Collision Repair Before PictureWilmette Auto Body Collision Repair After Picture
Wilmette Auto Body Collision Repair Before PictureWilmette Auto Body Collision Repair After Picture
Wilmette Auto Body Collision Repair Before PictureWilmette Auto Body Collision Repair After Picture
Wilmette Auto Body Collision Repair Before PictureWilmette Auto Body Collision Repair After Picture
Our team at Wilmette Auto Body is committed to meeting all your expectations of the auto repair experience and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We use a computerized Laser Frame measuring system, the environmentally friendlier PPG Envirobase water based refinishing system, and specialized aluminum and plastic repair equipment to get your car restored to its pre-accident condition.
Wilmette Auto Body Collision Repair Paint

Insurance Claims

We do our best to offer lower cost options for out-of-pocket repairs, but if significant repairs are needed and you decide to put in an insurance claim, we’ll help you manage it from beginning to end. We work with most major insurance companies and have good relationships with the claims handlers and appraisers in our market. We’re in communication with insurance representatives and rental car companies daily and we send customer email updates throughout the repair process to keep you in the loop without you having to do any legwork. The end result is a hassle-free experience with no out of pocket costs other than your deductible.

Keep in mind, Wilmette Auto Body will work with your insurance company, but we won’t work FOR them. There are a LOT of body shops out there and some of them may even be on your insurance company’s “Preferred” list. Ultimately, the decision about which shop fixes your vehicle is yours. Make sure you choose a shop that will work for you and the best interests of you and your car.

For more information on what you need to know about insurance claims & collision repairs, take a look at our “Insurance Claim FAQs.”

My insurance company gave me a list of “Preferred” body shops. Do I have to use one of them to get my car repaired?

No, you as the owner of the vehicle have the right to choose which shop works on your car. It is actually illegal under Illinois law for an insurer to steer a customer to any shop. Under most insurance “Preferred Shop” or “Direct Repair” programs, insurance companies refer customers to shops in exchange for lower labor rates, discounts on parts and materials and/or predetermined caps on what they are willing to pay for. In essence, the shop is working for the insurance company… NOT the vehicle owner. At Wilmette Auto Body, we choose not to participate in any insurance programs that require anything more than us providing our mutual customers with the best repair experience possible.

My insurance company told me that if I don’t use one of their preferred shops I will have out of pocket costs. Is that true?

No, Wilmette Auto Body works with most major insurance companies on your behalf to make sure they pay what is owed to repair your car properly. The only out of pocket costs you will incur is your deductible (if you have one) and any additional work you’ve authorized us to do. In some instances we may reach out to you for help in communicating with the insurance representatives if they are unresponsive; however, in the majority of cases (like, 99 out of 100!!) we’ll be able to handle all negotiations on your behalf with no involvement from you.

My insurance company said their preferred shops offer a lifetime, nationwide guarantee. What kind of warranty does Wilmette Auto Body offer?

Wilmette Auto Body provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers our workmanship and materials for as long as you own your vehicle. We don’t have shops all over the country, but we still back up our work. If you move out of the area and run into a problem that you think may be associated with the repairs, just give us a call. We’ll pay the shop of your choice, wherever you are, to fix any issues that are found to be covered under the warranty.

Do I have to get multiple estimates for my insurance company or the responsible party?

No, you are not required to shop for estimates if you know which body shop you are choosing to repair your car. If the insurance company does not agree with the estimate you’ve provided from your shop of choice it is their responsibility to send an appraiser of their choosing to inspect your car and provide an estimate. In that case, if you provide a copy of that estimate to Wilmette Auto Body prior to your repairs, we can work with the insurance company to get what is owed for the proper repair of your car.

What should I expect from the “Photo Estimate” option I received from my insurance company?

Many insurance companies are giving customers the option of downloading an app on their smart phone and uploading photos of the vehicle damage for estimating purposes. This is a great way to get the claim started quickly so you can get your car in to the shop. Since it is difficult to assess the severity of damages from a photo, these photo estimates are almost always significantly less than what the final repair costs will be. Not to worry! That first estimate is just a starting point and once the car is dropped off for repairs, Wilmette Auto Body will work with the insurance company to make sure all necessary items are added to the estimate and paid for. One thing to keep in mind… while the photo estimate option gets the claim started faster, there may still be a delay once the vehicle is in the shop as we may need to wait for insurance company approval on additional damages.

How do I go about getting a rental car? What if I don’t have rental coverage?

In most cases, the local rental car companies will bring your rental car here to Wilmette Auto Body when you’re dropping off your car. After you schedule your appointment with us, make a reservation with the rental car company for the same time. The good news is if you are a claimant against another party’s insurance company, your rental is automatically covered for the entire length of your repair. If you are an insured and don’t have rental coverage on your policy the rental car company offers discounted rates for those paying out of pocket. But call your insurance agent! Add rental coverage to your policy for future claims. The annual premium usually costs less than 2 days worth of car rental.

Do I get to choose what kind of parts go on my car?

The types of parts used to repair your car (Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Remanufactured, Recycled, or Aftermarket) are ultimately your decision. However, MOST insurance policies include a section stating that you agree to the use of “Like, Kind and Quality” parts which means the insurance company only has to pay for the Remanufactured, Recycled, or Aftermarket parts if they are available. In that case, the insurance company assumes the warranty for those parts so if you’re unhappy with the fit, finish or function of the non-OEM parts we can help you pursue a claim with the insurance company for redoing the work with new OEM parts. You can always choose to pay the difference for new OEM parts as well.

Do you have questions that weren’t answered here? Send us an email or give us a call! One of our team members will be happy to help!

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